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Luxury Black Badge Model-Rolls Royce !!!

Luxury Black Badge Model-Rolls Royce
In the last decade, Rolls Royce showed lots of models which are really fantastic. They improve their models and make them more modern and more attractive to attract younger drivers. One of them is Luxury Black Badge Model-Rolls Royce.

Luxury Black Badge Model-Rolls Royce

The 2010 Ghost sedan was the first in a row to totally excite younger drivers. In 2013, the Wraith model came, and two years later, the Dawn Convertible appeared, which was truly incredible.

Although behind it has great and unforgettable models, Rolls Royce decided this time to offer his younger drivers a better driver experience, which is exactly the Black Badge model.

This car will surely open new roads for the company. The Black Badge contains the best of the Wraith and Dawn models. They made every effort to make it even better.

Torsten Muler, the director of the company said that this model will bring luxury, comfort and safety to an even higher level.

Luxury Black Badge Model-Rolls Royce

They also hope that will make Rolls Royce a perfect car for everyone. How would they achieve this?
So that, each Black Badge will be individually commissioned and optioned to the specific wishes of the customer. So in theory, no two Black badge cars will be identical.

Below the hood is a massive 6.6-liter V12 engine that develops an incredible power of almost 600 horsepower.
The engine is connected to an automatic eight-speed gearbox. And that maximizes the performance and driving of this car.

Rolls Royce claims that this luxurious car is on the road and achieves a speed of 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds. Isn’t that incredibly fast? The maximum speed of this vehicle is also very high and is 250 km / h.

Luxury Black Badge Model-Rolls Royce

The Black Badge will be officially presented to the world at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. And its starting price will be $ 335,000. Once again, the famous car manufacturer managed to leave us without text….

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