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Brian Tagalog First Tattoo Artist Without Arms

First Tattoo Artist Without Arms

There are no difficulties that you can not overcome. This is the motto of the twenty seven years old, Brian Tagalog. He was born without arms, but this was never an obstacle for him. Therefore, today he is the First Tattoo Artist Without Arms in the world. Brian has learned to use his legs and feet for daily activities, such as feeding and writing.

First Tattoo Artist Without Arms

He is even driving a car with no problems at all. But to become a tattoo artist, it seems more than incredible.
A native of Honolulu, Hawaii, Tagalog moved with his family to Tucson, Arizona, where he attended Sunnyside High School and the University of Arizona.

Ever since little Brian was fond of drawing and has always dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist. But only few believed he would make it. His first gun for tattoos he gets exactly from someone who believed in him-his aunt.

Brian became a certified tattoo artist at sixteen and he still is the only and very first tattoo artist without arms in the world. But the problems didn’t come to an end. He faced problems when he tried to find job at the local tattoo shops. They all admire his achievements but were more concerned about customer reactions.

First Tattoo Artist Without Arms

But it does not discourage Brian on the contrary he decides to start his own business. Soon he opens his shop and name it “Tattoo by Foot”. His technique is unique by itself –he uses his right foot to draw the design on tracing paper and his left foot to stretch out the skin.

Then he use both feet to guide the tattoo gun and make his customers happy and satisfied.
“When he was born I cried the first year almost every day”, says his mother, ”but I was never hiding him”. Probably his success is also the result of that too.

First Tattoo Artist Without Arms

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