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Elegant Ducati Diavel Diesel – Attracts You At First Glance

Elegant Ducati Diavel Diesel

When it comes to quality and popular motors, then the Ducati brand comes to mind first. This time Ducati collaborates with Diesel. It is the brand that tried to insert fashion innovations in the look of the new two wheels. They proudly present their new Elegant Ducati Diavel Diesel .

Elegant Ducati Diavel Diesel

Even the name contains Diesel, this engine still uses gasoline…

This renowned company decided to redesign and improve the Diavel model. Because this model has been incredibly popular in the past few years.

This engine was launched during Milan Fashion Week. But officially was launched since April this year. We must note that the “Diavel Diesel” engine will be a limited edition and will be manufactured in only 666 copies.

This mechanical miracle is powered by a TSTASTRETTA 11 ° DS engine that develops 162 horsepower. Ensuring muscular torque which is combined with the athletic ease of a chassis. It is built to provide riding pleasure beyond all expectations.

Elegant Ducati Diavel Diesel

The appearance of the engine is quite robust.It shows that this is a vehicle that is strong and that only real bikers can drive. The tank of this model is pretty massive and heavy. The frame is thick and visible and shows the engine is durable and sturdy. “Diesel” has played a special role in the creation of a leather seat that looks pretty comfortable.

The excellent quality of long-lasting mechanical components also contributes to the bold nature of the Diavel. legant Ducati Diavel Diesel is designed to offer maximum safety and total reliability.

“Diesel” also prepared a special motorcycle clothing with the new model. So, all those who will buy the new “Diavel” engine will also get a leather jacket, motorcycle trousers and two shirts. Isn’t it that cool?
We do not currently have price information, but we assume that this limited edition will not be a bit cheaper.

Elegant Ducati Diavel Diesel

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