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Drifting Tips For Absolute Beginners

Drifting Tips For Absolute Beginners

Each of us is excited and feels the adrenaline growing in us, when we watch a good car drifting. But only the bravest have the privilege to feel the real adrenaline while doing it. Are you one of them? Or maybe you are just thinking about trying it, but you need some tips because you are absolute beginner? Don’t worry we have some useful Drifting Tips For Absolute Beginners.

Let’s first explain what really drifting is.

Drifting Tips For Absolute Beginners

Drifting is very specific driving technique. Although, sometimes can happen to ordinary drivers to drift their car accidentally. This driving style requires the driver great maneuvering skills. By using the throttle, brakes and clutch in combination with gear shifting, the driver intentionally oversteers.

Drifters can control the car by coordinating the amount of countersteer with the simultaneous modulation of the throttle and brakes. So, they can shift the weight balance of the car back and forth through the turns.

If you are new in drifting, then better to start with the basics. But first of all, you need to know your car well because every engine has its own specifics. Next thing you should do is upgrading your car. For example, you can start with lowering springs which you can upgrade later to coilovers.

Drifting Tips For Absolute Beginners

Important is to pay attention on suspension arms. All components in this area are adjustable so you should set them up in the way that feels most comfortable for you. Then you can stiffen up your e brake and welded your diff. After that, you should improve the chassis stability.

This is something you must do in order to get really greater to the rigidity of the car.

Besides this there are few more things you should be aware of such as learning how to initiate a drift. And of course, most important of all is to do a lot of practice. We truly hope that you find useful our Drifting Tips For Absolute Beginners.

Drifting Tips For Absolute Beginners

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