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Dartz – Extravagant Black Alligator !!!

Dartz – Extravagant Black Alligator

On July 1 at the Gumball 3000 Rally, Dartz officially launched their new model. This Latvian manufacturer of unique models introduced their prototype vehicle, the Extravagant Black Alligator.

Dartz – Extravagant Black Alligator

They are unique because create cars for the most extravagant fans of the world. Leo Jankelovič is the founder and owner of this company. He wanted to emphasize the fact that this is a pre-production prototype, not a real car.
It was named after the Russian military helicopter and is based on the Mercedes-AMG GLS63.

Latvian company explains that building a Black Alligator is like blending a GLS with a Mercedes-Maybach S600.
The body is crafted out of a combination of Kevlar and carbon fiber, in order to keep weight in check.

Under the hood of this model lies a twin-turbo 5.5-liter V8 engine. It is modified to produce between 700 and 1600 hp, depending on the customer’s desire. It is necessary to adjust the larger turbines, to obtain those jaw-dropping power levels.

Dartz – Extravagant Black Alligator

Dartz – Extravagant Black Alligator contains strengthening key internal components such as the connecting rods, and fitting a reinforced seven-speed automatic transmission.

Performance specifications haven’t been published yet. What is worth mentioning is the standard GLS63 engine of 585 horsepower. It is fascinating that it reaches 62 km / h from a station in a respectable 4.6 seconds.

The armored car body is made from a combination of Kevlar, Carbon and Titanium, so as not to overdo it with his weight.

As far as the interior is concerned, there is not much information. But we know that in the cabin there is a 30,000-dollar leather alligator wheel that is decorated with 292 black diamonds and two rubies.

This brand, in turn, encourages customers to be part of their car’s production process, so as to make sure they get a unique vehicle, which is done exactly for their extent.

Dartz – Extravagant Black Alligator

The extravagant Black Alligator is available for ordering now, but its price is a strictly guarded secret.

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