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BMW Presents MOTORRAD X2CITY – Urban Innovation

A bit bike a bit scooter: BMW presents the “Motorrad X2City”, his interpretation of the vehicle for urban mobility with zero emissions.

Of course, the name “Motorrad” sounds a bit ‘strange stuck to a similar medium, but innovation has its poetic license.

The X2City in any case with his electric motor have it: provides a maximum speed of 25 km / h and a range of about 25-35 km. But it is approved as a “Pedelec25” and therefore does not require a helmet or driving license for users aged 14 and up.

Born from the collaboration between BMW, scaler and its brands Kettler, Bulls, Pegasus, Hercules and others, this Motorrad X2City is already on sale in Germany at a price of approximately 2000 euro in selected bike shops.

“Our Motorrad X2City – explain to the BMW – is suited to all situations in which individual mobility, by personal car or public transport, are limited.

It can be used as a means of transport over short distances or as a complement to ‘car or public transport: any combination is possible.

Thanks to its light weight of only 20 kilograms and thanks to folding handlebar and it is ready to use after a few easy adjustments and can bring the driver from the car park or from the periphery.

The compact dimensions of BMW Motorrad X2City make it simple also its transportation on a bus or subway, making it the ideal solution for spontaneous mobility and convenient in areas not reachable by motorized means of transport. ”

The battery is lithium ion battery to 408 Wh and provides energy to the electric motor.

E ‘under the footrest board and is integrated into the frame from which it can be easily removed, while the recharge can take place at a conventional household outlet and takes about 2.5 hours.

Among the finesse the battery compartment sealed anti-rain, fenders on both wheels to drive away the dust and splashing water, making possible the use of BMW Motorrad X2City wet without the need to wear special clothing for protection.

And a micro-USB socket integrated in the display / control charging the smartphone from the lithium ion battery while driving.

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